Another side of the lens

The man behind the lens and the vision is Jeesi. He has a long history of photographing and got into it as the love of art crossed over to capture the art of photography. He is a man of extreme commitment to capture and edit the best pictures his clients have ever seen.


The art of illustrating what different visual cues can do to the human eye. What the blue tint of the lens to the warm lighting and shades do to capture the perfect moment on every occasion. That is exactly what Jk's pictures strive to be the best at. Bringing this type of implementation in photography and doing it always to perfection.

Kuva 2.2.2021 klo 11.07.jpg




We have changes offering you portrait pictures and we adjust to different scenarios and scenery in our photography. Whether it is the cold winter shoot in Lapland or an office picture in Helsinki. We show our versatility in every photoshoot and bring a new edge to our photography.